Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter!

I know that this post is a little late. For that I am truely sorry. Life has been very busy around here and I will post about that next time. Right now I want to share with you my Easter Events.

We Dyed Eggs with my sister before she went to visit with our other sister. (I know it's a little tounge twister) Unfortunatly I don't have any photo's from that evening. (Silly me left my CF card in the computer) My 2 nieces and my boys were there. Daneene and her beautiful girls and Mimi Jim and sweet little Hana were there as well. I can't forget that my nieces boyfriend Jim was there too. We had a blast. (as usual)
On Saturday (the night before Easter) Joe and Dana came over with my adorable niece Katie to dye eggs. Let me tell you this, it was an adventure. lol Katie is 18 months.

I spilled the green dye all over my hands not to mention our new light hardwood floors. I guess Katie felt left out and she spilled the other cup of green, she was very concerned about cleaning it up. After that she had fun dieing her hands.

I tried to get some semi good pictures of the boys but they just weren't having it. This is what I ended up with.

Easter morning the boys looked for eggs (You are never to old for an egg hunt!!!)

Joe, Dana and Katie came over for Easter dinner and I had an egg hunt for Katie in our back yard. She had a good time but after the first 3 eggs she would point to the next one wanted me to get it for her.
When she was all done and her basket was full, she dumped all the Hard boiled Eggs out and wanted to do some more.

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