Monday, January 9, 2012

My little man is now 18

I can remember the day he was born. I was very young and happy to have him in my life! He made me a better person just by being in my life. Joe has always been a sweet child. He has a heart of gold and he loves with all his heart. I remember him being a curious child. Always wanting to know how things worked and "why". I remember a time where I was coloring my mothers hair and giving my grandmother a perm that Joey wanted to have his colored and curled too. So I filled the bottle up with some hair gel and water and put it on his head. Rinsed it out and he really thought that it turned his hair a darker color. He still insists that I colored it. Then he had to have it curled, so curlers went in, and that is how he got his wavy hair... according to him.  I wanted to post some pictures but I have to respect the boys wishes. No pics on here.

The time just flies by. You really don't know how fast it goes until you realize that you little boy is becoming a man! Now he is someone I am extremely proud to say is my son (as I have always been). He is loyal to his friends and stands up for what he believes in. The future is open wide for him. I am very proud of the person he has become. Just because he is older doesn't mean that I will stop worrying about him. He will always be my baby, my child, my son! Happy Birthday Joe! I love you soooooo much!!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

I want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year! I have so much to share with you all, but first let me share this great new special from Close To My Heart. It's called Rock the Block. This is a fantastic 3D item, My Creations Collage Cubes. It includes 9 cubes that you can use your imagination to decorate with papers, pictures and what ever you can dream of! The possibilities are endless! Not only do you get the blocks but you get the "tray" that holds the block that once again you get to decorate and coordinate with your blocks, you also get an E Size stamp set that includes stamps that fit perfectly onto the blocks! How cool is that? It's super cool!
How do I get this amazing set you ask........ Well all you have to do is place a $25 order and you can get this set for just $15.00. Wow... that's a savings of $29.95!! It's like getting the Stamp set Free!!!!

Here is a peek at the Stamp set. This set is only available through this promotion only. So grab yours today!!


Our December activities are like most every one else has. Shopping, baking, wraping, decorating and parties.  Mike and I were invited to his firends for an "Ugly Sweater Party". "Oh how fun" I thought. I have the perfect shirt. (Ofcourse it's not my shirt) I wanted to borrow my mom's sweat shirt that has a huge Christmas tree that lights up! Yes it lights up. But unfortunatly the lights were dead and needed to be replaced. So Mike and I were off on a mission to find some ugly sweaters. We went to Thrift stores and found nothing. In True form to my husbands last minute doings... we found a red long sleave shirt for him at wal-mart and a cute sweater for me. But Renee, you said that it's an "Ugly Sweater" party, you ask?
Here is a pic of the before, Sorry I thought that I had one of Mikes shirt too:

Not too bad right?!
Here is the pic of the shirts/sweaters after! 
Here is a pic of the whole gang!!

   I want to thank our great hosts for having us for a fun time!!!

My Brother and Sister in law came up from Florida and I was lucky enough to watch my niece Katie!
We had tons of fun together. We made cookies and bread. She would watch the oven waiting for the bread to get done. Who would have thought that a three year old would want the bread more than the cookies!
She is a great baker too!  Hmmm I think she gets that from her Daddy!

Sorry about the quality, these were taken from my cell phone.

Christmas Eve was the Farkle Feast of the Two Beefs. For dinner we made Pot Roast and Veggies and Pepperoncini Beef. (it is supper delish and easy to make)

Then after dinner, Katie took the Reindeer food and sprinkled it on the lawn so they would be able to find her!

But as the day was just beginning, Katie Saw that Lawdy the elf had come back from the North Pole with some gifts for her,her mommy, Chutchie and Gram. Her face just lit up.

She brought Pj's for Katie and Slippers too!

Mommy, Gram and Chutchie all got slippers but Katie's was the best they matched her new PJ's!

Christmas Day! All the anticipation and preparation has come down to one day! Katie was sooo cute and wanted mom to help her open her stuff. WE thought for sure that she would gasp at each gift that she opened, (only because she would gasp at her gifts from Lawdy before they were even unwrapped) but nothing..... Not until she opened up Matthew's gift her.

Matt was on the ball with his gift giving this year. He even made Grams day by giving her a step stool!

So that's what's been going here. I can't wait to get back to creating!
Happy New Year!!