Sunday, November 21, 2010

My custom valances

So I have been looking everywhere for curtains that I like for my Dinning room. I couldn't find any. We looked high and low, all that we could find were the ready made ones, but I wanted a certain type of print. So we looked into custom curtains and we were wowed at the cost. So I told my Husband that I will make them. We found a great fabric store that has tons and tons of fabrics. I picked out what I wanted and it took me a while to figure out what type of curtain I wanted to do.

Here is what my windows look like before:

So I eventually decided on the waterfall Valance. Love the look of it. I made 3 the other day and had to go back to the store to get more fabric yesterday. I finished the other two valances today.

I do need to make the side panels out of the same fabrics yet. I just have to pick up some lining fabric, which might be a little while and I am o.k with that..... I think. ;-)

Here is what it looks like now:

Right now they are hanging on tension rods only because I am waiting for my bay window curtain rods to come in and I am very impatient and wanted to see them up. lol

I figure that I will do a little at a time to get the look that I want. I still need to put the dangling trim on the bottoms but that will have to wait. I have to keep reminding myself that Christmas is right around the corner and I need to budget the funds wisely. So a little at a time.

When I have everything finished I will post a final photo. It may take some time.


Hello everyone,

What exactly is Farks-giving you may ask? Well, the Wichert clan has a history of unfortunate misshapes. No matter what the situation is something almost always goes wrong. Whether it be a vacation planned in sunny Bahama's and it rains the whole time or having a tool chest delivered and receiving a level instead. So with all the misshapes the Wicherts are also known as the Farkles, (Much like the Griswolds from National Lampoon's Vacation series).

Because The Wichert children are away for Thanksgiving day, we celebrate it earlier and it has become knows as Farks-Giving.

This year we celebrated it on Nov. 13th. There was plenty of delishious food. Thanks to Gram Wichert. We played games and got to spend time with the family. Alomost everyone got their hair cut too. Katie had her bangs trimmed earlier that day and so did the boys before we left. Once at Gram's I cut everyone elses hair while the rest of the clan played pictionary.

Katie really enjoyed her "special drink". It wouldn't be Farks-Giving with out it. It's Cherries and 7-UP.
And what a nice picture to leave you with. Katie with a beautiful smile and Joe............ well, he's Joe. What can I say. ;-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shimmery Dryer sheet Tutorial

I have been asked many times, "Renee, what is the dryer sheet technique and how do you do it?"

So I finally made a video tutorial with the help of my sons web cam. This is such a great technique. I love the impact it makes on my projects. I hope that you will give it a try and leave a comment to let me know what you think. Thanks!

Gift card Holder

'Tis the season to be giving. And what a better way to give a gift card? With this little card you can make a giving gift cards more personal.

I am working on a video that will show you how to recreate the glittery image using the Dryer sheet technique. So stay tuned for that and wish me luck.

I had seen this nifty little thing on the web before then I found this amazing artist who is simply Fabulous! Her name is Teresa Black. Teresa posted on her blog a video form her live stream show on how to create this card along with her 3D Tree. To view Teresa's Blog and her video, just click here:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Digital Fun!

Wow, Last night I played with Studio J for the first time and I love it! I made 2 double page layouts. It was so easy to do. First I just downloaded my photos and then picked the Papers that I wanted to use. Then I had to choose from the many layout options. What a hard task to do when there are so many great ones. After choosing that I got to play with the papers and the embellishments and distressing. It was so much fun. So of course I purchased the 12 x 12 prints of my digital layouts to incorporate them with my traditional layouts in my scrapbook albums. I can't wait to get them. I was also able to purchase the jpeg. file and download it to my computer so that way I will always have my layouts and I can print them from my home printer if I wish. (I do have a wide format printer that would be able to print 12 x 12.

What a great way to make gifts for your family and friends for the holidays. Especially if you need to make more than one book. You can purchase multiples of your layouts and place them into albums as gifts for the grandparents or long distance family. You could even make up a heritage album to give to your siblings. Or even make an album of family events such as a family reunion. The possibilities are endless. Go on over to my MYCTMH website and try Studio J today! No purchase needed to try it out.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Studio J

Wow, how cool is this? There is a write up about Studio J (Close To My Hearts online digital layout center) on Here is the link to view their website and the article:

The author talks about the pros and cons of every aspect along with the Different options and how to go about creating your layouts. She goes on the discuss the pricing and all the different options when ordering. From ordering and having CTMH print and mail out the digital layout to you and/or having them saved as a jpg. file for you to print out at your discretion. This is a wonderful read to learn more about Studio J. I hope that you take the time to read this article and try out Studio J for yourself today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September's Workshop

Hi everyone.
This is the 1st day of the new Fall Idea Book! You can now view and purchase Workshop Kits whenever you like! Head on over to the side bar to see the new Idea Book. All you have to do is click on the image and it will take you right to our online catty and flip through the pages to see all our wonderful stuff.

Today I am going to Feature our Olivia Workshop.

I will be holding a class on Sept 11th featuring this kit. You save money when purchasing the kit as opposed to buying each item separately. You'll receive The Timeless Stamp set, Olivia Level 2 Paper Pack, Shimmer Designer brads and the workshop guide with the Olivia Workshop Kit. You do not need to attend the class to get this kit. all you have to do is purchase it by clicking the "Shop with me" icon on the right and it will take you right to my MYCTMH website. Once you place your order it will be sent directly to your home with the complete instructions in the workshop guide to create the featured layout. You are not limited to buying just the workshop, anything in the catty can be purchased at the same time.

I would also like to share with you Septembers stamp of the month. This is such a fun stamp set that I just had to share. You can purchase it at full price or you can earn it at a discount. Please see the side bar for details. There is a new stamp set each month. They aren't garenteed to come out into publication in futere Idea books so if you like what you see, you need to purchase it in the month that it is featured. The best thing is that you can get it for free with a qualifing purchase! Who doesn't love Free????

Here is a picture of some of the Art work created with this stamp set.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The start of a new school year

Well, just like the commercial would say, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." With images of a parent dancing in the isles with the shopping cart picking up school supplies for their children.

I do have to say that I will miss my children terribly when they are both back to school and the routine has set in. But once that wears off it is off to work on my crafts. I have classes to teach and I would love to do a little special something for the blog. So stay tuned for a scrapping treat.

Today was Matt's first day and I do have to say that all has gone well. He may have to disagree since there was some math homework to do. But other than that he has survived. Now I just need to get the other one to start and all will be well. lol

Yesterday was Fantasy Football Drafts with the family! Oh what fun. I know that I had a good time playing with little miss Kate. She is such a ham and automatically says "Sheese" when she sees the camera. My little super model in the making! lol
Here are a few pics:

Friday, August 6, 2010

2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate? YOU!!

Come and Visit my MyCTMH website to see the amazing deals! You can save 50% or more on select paper packs and page kits along with our My stickease cardstock stickers. Once these products are sold out they are gone for good, so hurry on over and save big!
Sale ends August 11th while supplies last. $2 for select My Stickease, $4 for Select My Reflections Level 1 kits and $6 for select My Reflections Level 2 Paper Packs.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's been going on?

July is underway and there have been changes in our lives.

First and formost is our move to a new home. The Boys were both excited and sad. They were excited for the new adventures that awaited them in this new chapter in their lives and sad to be leaving behind their friends and family. Now don't get me wrong, we did not leave our friends and family behind. We have been visiting with them as much as we can. I do believe that no matter what life brings us that there is always a way to make time for those that we care about!

I tell my boys this, "A road to a friends house is never long."

In the fall the boys will be starting a new school year in new schools. Neither one of them is very excited about that but I know that they will do just fine as long as they keep an open mind.
I have been slowly getting the house in order and more importantly my Craft Room in order. lol I have been craveing for some crafting! This Saturday I will be heading back to the old neighborhood to do a workshop with the girls. A very much need reprise from the move.

I hope that you all have had a fantastic Independance Day!!! We spent the weekend with Family. My sister and her family came to our house for a BBQ. We had fun with another "improved" game of Hide and Seek Tag. The whole family gets involved even the grown ups. The love of my life had the best hiding spot ever!!! (which I have to get the picture from my neice's camera)
My niece (18 yrs old) also had a great hiding spot.
It took her father a long time to find her, and yes he was really looking.

Then on the 4th our family headed to my Husbands brother's for a Pool party BBQ. ( my niece Laura spent the night at our house so she was part of the fun too) Dana had planned out some fun games for us to do and even had prizes and awards to give out too. There was the waterbaloon toss, 3-leg race, and "potatoe sack" race. (which we used trash bags and our feet poped right through.
After all the fun and games, Joe and Katie chased after lightning bugs in the front yard. Katie had so much fun!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beach Bound!!

This past week has been pretty chilly here, but this weekend is going up into the 80's!

So the whole family is headed to the beach for the weekend along with the in-laws! Yay!

I can't wait to spend time with my Sister in law and her family as well as my Husbands parents.

I truelly am blessed that we all get along so well. I do know that there is a craft fair that will be going on. But I have to go to Johnson's to get some yummy Caremel popcorn!!!

I hope that you all will have nice weather as well and enjoy your weekend!! I am sure that I will have some pics to post when I get back! I can't wait to do some summer layouts as well!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter!

I know that this post is a little late. For that I am truely sorry. Life has been very busy around here and I will post about that next time. Right now I want to share with you my Easter Events.

We Dyed Eggs with my sister before she went to visit with our other sister. (I know it's a little tounge twister) Unfortunatly I don't have any photo's from that evening. (Silly me left my CF card in the computer) My 2 nieces and my boys were there. Daneene and her beautiful girls and Mimi Jim and sweet little Hana were there as well. I can't forget that my nieces boyfriend Jim was there too. We had a blast. (as usual)
On Saturday (the night before Easter) Joe and Dana came over with my adorable niece Katie to dye eggs. Let me tell you this, it was an adventure. lol Katie is 18 months.

I spilled the green dye all over my hands not to mention our new light hardwood floors. I guess Katie felt left out and she spilled the other cup of green, she was very concerned about cleaning it up. After that she had fun dieing her hands.

I tried to get some semi good pictures of the boys but they just weren't having it. This is what I ended up with.

Easter morning the boys looked for eggs (You are never to old for an egg hunt!!!)

Joe, Dana and Katie came over for Easter dinner and I had an egg hunt for Katie in our back yard. She had a good time but after the first 3 eggs she would point to the next one wanted me to get it for her.
When she was all done and her basket was full, she dumped all the Hard boiled Eggs out and wanted to do some more.

Friday, March 5, 2010

March Bliss!

Here we are at the start of March and the weather is looking promissing. With highs into the upper 40's and low 50's this weekend you can't help but think spring! After that the weather is going back down again. When will it stay warmed up?
As I look into my back yard I can see some of my flowers starting to sprout up out of the ground, promissing that spring is on it's way.
So in honor of the long awaited arrival of spring and St. Patty's Day, I encourage you all to go GREEN. Creat a monocromatic card for someone special or a Layout telling future generations why it's important to recycle, reuse and reclaim. Let's keep mother Earth and her beautiful lands green and healthy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter 2010

When will it end? This has been a record breaking winter for Philly and it's not over yet. The boys have only had 0ne day of school this week and I can't wait for them to go back. lol
Despite the cold and wet winds, Matthew and I have been having fun in the snow. As the blizzard hit we headed for the playground with my camera in hand. Matthew had a good time jumping and running around in the snow.
He really hates having his picture taken but I was surprised that he let me capture him having fun. As we walked through the neighborhood I took some photos along the way.
The snow really is pretty! I just love walking in it as it is falling.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Studio G stamp storage

I have been slowly getting back into the swing of things in my little scrap nook and I noticed that I had no place to keep my Studio G stamps that you can get for $1.oo. So I made a box to keep them in. I thought that I would share this box with you all! Enjoy!

I used poster board but you can use heavy wieght cardstock.

Cut your base to 12" x 7 3/4"

Since I used white, I created my own pattern by first Sponging a little color

then by stamping with a background stamp.

After I was done with that I clear embossed some images

for a reverse embossing technique.

When I was finished with that I sponged with Chocolate ink

to make the embossed images stand out.
Flipping the base to have the wrong side up,
score 2 9/16 of an inch at all sides.

Then cut the corners off as shown

then cut along the score line torwards the middle as shown.

Then fold up at the score lines and tape up the corner flaps to the inside.

The base is complete.

The top is created in the same manner with these measurments:

Cardstock~ 9 3/8" x 5 3/8"

Score at 1 1/4" on all sides.

Sorry that this photo doesn't show the lid finished.

To make the dividers for the inside,

I just cut squares at 2 1/16" and used half circles for the tabs.

Thanks for visiting and I would love to hear about your creations!