Monday, November 23, 2009

A day at Great Adventure!

What a day! My sister and I took the kids to Great Adventure on November 1st. We went through the safari and had a blast! I can't wait to do it again!!! The animals were great! We had Giraffes licking the windows and the roof of my sister's van. The kids really enjoyed themselves too! Here a few pics that I just have to share!

As Matthew said," Ostrages are people too!"

After the safari, we headed to the park! They had "ghosts and ghools" that roamed the park. Matthew was a bit scared but he loved the Dead Mans Party! There were actors dressed up as zombies that performed to rock music. Matt really loved it. He hopes that they do it again next year. Thanks Randee for the tickets!!!!!! We all had a blast!!!


I know that Thanksgiving is in just a few days but I wanted to back track a little since I was unable to post for a while.

Matthew wanted to be the Jester from one of the Halloween stores but the costume was really flimsy to say the least. So I pulled out the old sewing machine and came up with this.

The skulls were a cream color and I just painted them silver then I dry brushed black into the creases to give it more depth. I drilled holes into the tops then threaded them onto his "colar" and Hat with Beads. The hat was my favorite part to make!

We stoped by my Uncles house as we do every year. This year I was able to get a good photo of the two of them. He is such a Ham. lol Later that night my favorite little Lady bug stopped by. Also known as Katie~Bug!! She had a big night and was still on the move. lol Oh to have the energy of a one year old!!!

Hi Ya All!

Well my computer is finally fixed. I strongly suggest that you put at least 2 good anti spy wear programs on your computers. We recently had Trojans and had to wipe the hard drive clean. What a mess.

So this week is Thanksgiving! I want to say thank you to everyone who has passed through to have a look at my blog. I am grateful for the friendships that have formed through my hobby of scrapbooking. It's amazing what bonds can form over a Hobie. I hope that you all have a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!! I am also very thankful for my family! They have been supportive and giving all year through and I love them with all my heart!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting ready for Our November workshop

Our first workshop was a hit. Everyone had a great time and felt free to add their own touches to their projects! What a great group of ladies to work with. I wanted to post pics of the lo's that we will be recreating for our November workshop. If you are interested in purchasing this kit, please feel free to email me! The kit comes with instructions on how to make the layouts along with cards.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October's Workshop

Now's the time to start thinking about your Christmas cards.
Christmas is right around the corner. I know that it can be a hectic time of year. But if you like to make your own cards, now is the time to get started.
You can have these simple to make cards done and ready to mail out in no time!
With our Jingle Level 2 Paper Packet and some simple embellishments you can recreate these cards.
Myself and a few wonderful ladies will be gathering on the 4th to get a start on these wonderful cards. I can not think of a better way to get the job done, hangin' out with the girls, having a glass of wine and crossing something off my list of things to do while having a good time.
We will be using the Jingle Level 2 Paper Packet along with Twinkle brads, On Target Dimensional elements and Cranberry Designer Ribbon Rounds.
Inks used are: Tulip, Creme Brulee, and Chocolate.
Photos show the cards made with the Best Option Kit.
The My Acrylix stamp set that is used is only available through the purchase of the Basic Kit.
If you want more information, please email me at:

We will also be making this wonderful 2 page layout

with the same Jingle Level 2 Paper Pack.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering September 11, 2001

It was morning when the 1st plane hit the Twin Towers in New York City.
As the news spread I watched the second plane hit. Mortified and scared, I held my baby boy in my arms and cried, wanting to get my 7 yr old out of school and hold him too. My husband was at work and I desperately wanted to hold him as well, for safety, comfort and to know that things will be o.k. Things will never be the same. Families have been torn apart and left with empty places in their hearts. As they try to move on, they will always, always know the pain and loneliness of their loss. My oldest is now terrified to fly as a direct result. We had no personal attachment to the people or places that had been hit, but we took it to heart and feet soooo much sorrow that our fellow Americans have suffered such a great loss. I still cry today!

We also feel pride in the everyday hero's that sprung into action
( knowing that this could be their last moments ) to save others when they fought the terrorist on the 4th plane. How scared they must have felt themselves. I can't even begin to fathom all the emotions they were going through!
I also want to remember the unsung hero's who took action to help with the aid of those who have suffered and had losses.

Last and certainly not least.... I want to thank all the soldiers for their sacrifices for Freedom!
My heart and Prayers go out to the families of the ones we have lost and to the soldiers who are still fighting. May god Bless us all!

Please visit Linda's blog to view a wonderful video that she has posted and leave a comment on whet you were doing when you got the news.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Is Here!

With the begining of September comes the new Autumn/Winter Idea book from Close To My Heart. I am just loving all the new My Acrylix stamps and the My Reflections Paper packs that I just had to share with you some of the artwork that had been created.


Sweet Home



Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of School!

Tomorrow marks the first day of Matthew's 4th grade adventure. Joe's first day is Sep. 8th. I love the first day of school, but it also makes me sad as well. It makes the growth that they have gone through and the slightes of wings that they have started to grow in hopes of one day being able to fully extend those wings and fly, beautiful to watch.
Their journey of adventure and self growth is only really just begun but for me it has opened a world of many emotions and wonderful moments that will last a lifetime.
Joe's cacoon is starting to crack open as he embarks on his 10th grade endeavor. New and exciting things to see and learn, friends to explore this new world of "limited freedom" with in hopes to grasp and understand the ways of adult life. (even though most teenagers "know it all" lol)
They aren't the only ones that are going through the transitions of life. We as parents are learning to grow and spread our wings as well. It's hard to let go and not know if they will fall.
We as parents need to learn how to let go of the silk threads that hold them close and allow them to fall in order for them to be able to flutter their wings and fly. We never stop growing and learning. No matter how far they fly, the threads of love will keep our love for our children in our hearts forever, and they will always be our babies!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moon Doggie

Need I say more?
This paper pack is very fun! It is great for those pictures of the family on the beach, or how about a nice tropical vacation? Why not for a themed Party? I know I have been to a few.
You receive 10 12x12" Cardstock (2 of each 3 colors and 4 neutral)
12 12x12" B&T Duos (2 of each Patterns) Don't forget that there are monochromatic patterns on the back of each B&T.

All products used are Close To My Heart
Except the chipboard letters and the grunge board letters.

I wanted to show that I used real sand on my chipboard letters.

I glued the sand on with Liquid Glass.

I hope you enjoy this fun Paper pack as much as I do!!

I can't believe it's August!!

Where is this summer going?
I know where, mostly to traveling. We have been visiting with my sister on and off all summer, and the whole family had a wonderful vacation in Virginia Beach! We all wished that it wouldn't end. My husband and I are taking the boys and my niece to Atlantic City next week. The kids love to play at the arcade and Matt's favorite part is ordering room service. lol That kid is a pip. We do the amusements on the pier one night, then we drive up to Wildwood to do the amusements on the three piers there another night. The days are filled with hangin' at the pool or playing in the sand and ocean. Matt will be starting the 4th grade (where does the time go???) August 31st. Joe has his 10th grade orientation on Augst 27, but his 1st day back is September 8th. My two beautiful nieces will be graduating this year, one from 12th grade and the other from 8th. I hope to hop back on soon to keep you all updated. Have a safe summer!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday!

Wow.... where has the time gone?
It seems just yesterday that there were 130 days until our Family Vacation and now there are just 7 days left. I am really excited about this vacation. It will be my niece Katie's first vacation. She is really moving around now! I miss my little Katie!! We will also be taking my 2 nieces from my side of the family as well. (It's their first time with all of us too. but they are in there teens!) I plan on taking tons of pictures.

Just a little story:
Matthew and I were talking a while back and I mentioned to him that Big & Rich were going to be in town. (the local country station does a free concert every year and they are going to be headlining) He didn't express that he wanted to go or anything. Well, just yesterday we were in the car and he asked if I got tickets to go. (it is tomorrow) I told him that we couldn't go because we are celebrating his poppy's Birthday and that we are going to be going over the details and menu for our Vacation next week. His face just sunk, and it broke my heart!! I think it broke my heart even more knowing that I could have gotten the tickets and we could have went. After a little sulking he said that he was OK. If I could only split myself in 2, I would do it for him in a heartbeat!! I know that he will forget all about the concert that he missed once we are on our way to Virginia Beach!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3x3 card Holder Tutorial!

I have worked on this "box/pocket book" for a teacher's gift and I thought that I would share it with you! If you have any questions about my directions, please feel free to email me.
(all materials used are from Close To My Heart)

Have fun!!

Step 1.
☺Cut a strip 3 ¼ “ x 9 ½” strip of cardstock. (Piece A)
☺Cut out two, 3” x 1 ½” strips from cardstock. (Piece B)
☺Cut out one, 8 1/4” x ¾” strip for Band (Piece H)
Step 2.
☺Score piece A at 3”, 3 ½”, 6 ¾”, and 7 ¼”.
☺Score Piece B at ½” and 1” along the 3” length.
☺Score Piece B again at ½” along the 1 ½” line (Blue score line)
☺Fold at score lines.

Piece B

Step 3.
☺Using the Coluzzle Oval, cut a “dip” in section “C” of Piece A. ( I cut at the 4th ring from the outside of the Coluzzle)

☺Using the Coluzzle Oval, cut another “hill” in Section “G”.
( I cut at the 2nd ring from the outside of the coluzzle)

Step 4.
☺On Piece B, Cut on the Red score line up to the Blue score line.
Creating 3 “flaps”


Step 1. ☺Using a strong adhesive, tape “flaps” together creating a “three sided column” .

Step 2.

☺Place tape on the bottom of the “column” and place the middle section facing the outside, (open end to the inside) along the outside edge of Section D. Press firmly to make sure it sticks. Do the same with the other column to the other side of Section D.

Step 3.
☺Place tape along the edge of the “columns” on the side facing Section C.
☺Carefully fold Section C onto the “columns”. Press firmly.
You will notice that the columns are larger than the) cut of section C. using your siccors, trim the column to conform to the opening.

Step 4.
☺Place tape along the other edge of the “columns” and carefully fold up Section E. You now have the sides to your Box/Pocketbook.

Step 5.
☺To hold the “flap” closed. You will use Piece H. Gently fold it around the box and adhere the ends together to form the band. (I recommend decorating the box first then decorate the band to match before folding it around the box)

● You can use eyelets at the top of the box and thread a 7” piece of ribbon and tape to the inside of the lid and cover it with a strip of paper to match the lid color to hide the ribbon ends.
● If you decide to do this. I suggest that you do it after Piece A has been scored.

Decorate however you wish!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


What does Emporium mean? It's a term used for a store selling a wide variety of goods. I couldn't think of a better way to describe this wonderful Paper Collection From Close To My Heart. As said by Jeanette Laynton on her blog, "our Emporium is a marketplace of great ideas and inspiration. Every time I visit it, I find something new and different!" I couldn't agree more.

Here is some artwork using Emporium Level 2 Paper Packet. Enjoy!
Featured Colors:
Buttercup, Cocoa, Crystal Blue, Sweet Leaf
what you get in a Level 2 Packet:
12- 12x12 B&T Duos (2 of each 6 patterns)
10- 12x12 Cardstock sheets (2 each of 3 colors, 4 neutral)

Emporium Level 2 Paper Pack

Monday, June 1, 2009

The summer months are finally here!!



It seems like yesterday that I was making hot chocolate for the kids and warming up after sledding in the snow. Where does the time go? This past weekend the hubs and I started shopping and for our family vacation. I have to give a shout out to the container store, (one of my favorite places to shop!!) . We picked up some pack-it Folders by Eagle Creek. I have to say that they really do work! We came home and I eagerly ran up stairs and emptied Mikes shirt drawer and put it to the test! I can't wait to try these puppys out when I pack everything. I'll let you know how it all goes! I also picked up 2 pairs of sunglasses. Both for $10.00 each. The one pair is for driving and originally cost $60.00.

I did manage to get some cards made and I finished my nieces summer dress. Here are some pictures.

Products that were used to make these little cards are from Close to my Heart.

The "frosting" has been popped up using 3-D Foam Squares

Liquid glass and Prisma Glitter was used on the "wrapper".

Each cupcake was stamped more than once with one kept whole as a base to "build" on.

I then cut each piece of the wrapper and the frosting.

Applied the liquid glass and glitter.

The stamp sets used are:

Good Times and Celebration Bouquet

I believe that these would make great invitations too!

Cupcake Delight

Chocolate frosted cupcake card

Pink Frosting Inspired by Dana!

(she loves white cupcakes with pink frosting)

Katie's Dress

This is the back of her dress with Purple ladybugs for buttons.
Her mommy loves ladybugs.

Matthew went to an Ice Skating Birthday Party on Friday evening and had a great time but unfortunately he now has a beautiful shiner on his right eye. I don't have a picture yet but will have it tonight to post. he does really well on the ice considering that it was his second time. I have tried to talk him into taking lessons (to ease my mind as a worried mother when he is out there) so that he will be able to "keep up" with his friends, but he just doesn't want to. He feels as though he knows how to skate. lol
Make today a great day!!!!