Tuesday, February 21, 2012


What are they and how do they become a form habit?
We start off doing something and think to ourselves that "this is just temporary" or "it's nothing."
Nasty habits seem to happen over night. You know.... the not putting the cap on the toothpaste because your running late and it never seams to make it back on or leaving a basket of Laundry to be folded for days and then later looking for your favorite shirt or spending that money on a magazine that you really don't read when you could be putting it into savings for something special for yourself. We are quick to spend money and complain that we don't have enough. While good habits seam to take some real effort to form not to mention they take FOREVER to get to the second nature point.

Weather is something that you want to incorporate for your health, organization, finances or just plain Ole Peace of Mind, you can start to change them by picking one thing to change at a time. It usually takes about 28 days or repetitive action for something to become a habit. So start with something small and work your way up to your bigger goals. Write a list of what you want to accomplish. Then break that list down into sections, "what can I work on now", What can you do to reinforce this habit and most importantly what will you reward yourself with once you have accomplished your goal.

I am no expert on this matter, but I do know that this does work. So let's work together on forming healthy habits ( it can be anything you want it to be). You'll be surprised at how much better you'll feel.

My list of habits to start with ( I have many more but I won't over do it which can make you feel overwhelmed and uninspired) When possible... have a visual of your goals.That always keeps you motivate!

Healthy Habit #1...... Eating Breakfast every day! This is a biggie for me. I often skip out on breakfast, not because I don't have time to eat or anything like that. To be honest I have all the time in the world and I don't know why I don't.
Healthy Habit #2........ make time to work out. Get physical as Olivia Newton John once said. lol A little LMFAO "I work out" inspiration inserted here ;-)
(thanks to my son that song gets stuck in my head more times than I'd like to admit.
Healthy Habit #3.......... keeping my calendar updated! (not to mention my blog!!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have posted that I would keep track of what I have/have not been doing to get more healthy.
Well this past week I have been keeping track of what I normally eat. No changing my diet or daily routine.
I can tell you that I am really disappointed in myself with my discipline.
 My daily eating habits: Hot Tea with 3 heaping teaspoons of sugar and whole milk for breakfast.
 Lunch was essentially non existent.
 Dinner was what ever I made, Chicken mostly, or pasta, and yes I am ashamed to say this, canned veggies.
It is what I grew up on and was used to it. I do know how to cook and steam fresh veggies. I would make them maybe every 2 weeks. Other items on the menu, frozen pizza(which is ashame since I do know how to make fresh pizza dough and all the fixings)
I would snack on the most unhealthy things all day long, Stuff like potato chips (my favorite, sour cream and onion). My sweet husband would go shopping and buy it because they were on sale and he knows I like them, (same thing with Soda) even after I would express that I was the one who would be eating it all. (In my defence I didn't want the money spent go to waste ;-) )
He has gotten better with his purchases but we would still buy it for the boys b-day parties or if we knew company was coming over. Now I am thinking that we owe it to our company to have something that is better for them besides chips, buffalo dip, crab dips, Chips.......

I know that this is going to be a long journey for me and I am willing to do the work!  It is going to be hard to get into the habit of eating more meals (smaller portions) each day.

As far as exercise, I have continued to take my walks. My goal is to be able to work up to a nice jog. I use my walks as a warm up to my warm up. I just need to push myself more and learn more about properly executing the movements for various exercises. I have a pretty general idea, I used to work out a lot when I was younger and i feel that I can do what ever I put my mind to.

I also have to say that my 18 year old hasn't had soda for a little over a year now. I am so proud of him. He does make it a point to say something to me when I have some. It is good to know that he is concerned and there to remind me of what I am trying to accomplish. Although it may not feel that way in the moment. lol

Next week I hope that I'll have some better news to report on my progress. Thanks for listening and I hope that you take a moment to reflect on what you can do for yourself and your family to make a healthier lifestyle.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Eating Healthy???

This is such a big thing for me. I want to eat healthy, it's just hard for me to get there. I know that I am like many of you out there who have no clue as to where to start. All I can offer up is do some research.
I found this great website via Pinterest. Michelle is a very encouraging person who does care about your health. She has posted some of her favorite Healthy recipes. She is a fitness trainer with some awesome workouts!!  Here is the website: http://lifeplusfitness.blogspot.com/

I thought that I would be able to start her 8 week program, and when I attempted to do the warm up..... I got extremely winded and heart pounding. (I haven't done any real exercises in almost 8 years! Yes I have done walks and sporadic workouts every now and then. But I really want to get into the habit of doing it on a daily basis! What I am saying is that I want to be healthy and set a good example for my boys and husband!

So here I am pouring my guts out to you all about something that is hard for me to talk about. I am not proud of the way I eat (or lack of eating) or the way I exercise( or don't) but I want to change that and the first step is to admit it and talk about it.
So what I am going to do is start to blog about my daily eating/workout habits. This way I can be held accountable for my actions.. (even if no on reads my blogs.... I know it's out there and can't be taken back!)
Please feel free to comment or even join me in the quest for a healthier lifestyle and we can hold each other accountable!

Making the bag!

Good day to yo all!
I have been making this really cute yellow bag. Now yellow isn't really my color but I just loved the fabrics. My Mother In-law picked up the kit for me at one of the quilt stores. Because of copy right laws I can not post the steps to creating this bag. So I will just post my progress as I make it. I am hoping to create on of my own to share with you all.

I have so much fabric that I really need to start using before I buy any more.  Now I know it's not as much as most of the quilters that I know but it's a lot for me and I don't want to have tons of stuff that I'll never use. With that said, I have projects to finish up before starting new one like the bag. But I promise that I will make one and post step by step directions on how to create it for yourself.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spring/Summer Idea Book is Here!!!

Stella Art Work

Florentine Art Work

Cruisin' Art Work

Lucy Art Work

The Spring/Summer Idea Book

To see more wonderful art work and products just click on the Idea book image on the right side bar to flip through the pages of the Idea Book.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lost Post!!

Holly cow... I thought I posted this a while back. I do apologize! I made these post-it note hodlers for my guests at the crop back in July. (I told you this was a lost post) I really love these things! They were so much fun to make, and each one is different, just like the lovely ladies that attended the getaway! I also made a photo holder out of binder clips to match. I made a name card and placed it into the photo holder and placed the set at each persons designated spot. These are super easy to make. I just used the clear acrylic frames made by mainstays and CTMH papers.
How to recreate your own post-it notes holder.

Supplies: 3x5 acrylic frame (I got mine from Walmart for $0.99)
Pattern papers of your choice
 1 3/8" Circle punch
1 1/2" Circle punch
2" Scalloped circle punch
Ink pads
Stamp Images of your choice

Cut your pattern paper to 3" x 5" Slide it into the frame. If you are like me and like to change things up, this is a simple thing to change out!
Adhere the sticky not pad to the bottom of the frame. I used my ATG and it worked great!
Decorate the top anyway you like. I used cardstock to create a ribbon effect.
Using the 1 3/8" circle punch, I stamped an image.
Adhered it to the 1 1/2" circle.
Using foam tape I placed the circle combo onto the scalloped circle.
Then adhere to the frame.

I would love to see what you create!