Monday, January 9, 2012

My little man is now 18

I can remember the day he was born. I was very young and happy to have him in my life! He made me a better person just by being in my life. Joe has always been a sweet child. He has a heart of gold and he loves with all his heart. I remember him being a curious child. Always wanting to know how things worked and "why". I remember a time where I was coloring my mothers hair and giving my grandmother a perm that Joey wanted to have his colored and curled too. So I filled the bottle up with some hair gel and water and put it on his head. Rinsed it out and he really thought that it turned his hair a darker color. He still insists that I colored it. Then he had to have it curled, so curlers went in, and that is how he got his wavy hair... according to him.  I wanted to post some pictures but I have to respect the boys wishes. No pics on here.

The time just flies by. You really don't know how fast it goes until you realize that you little boy is becoming a man! Now he is someone I am extremely proud to say is my son (as I have always been). He is loyal to his friends and stands up for what he believes in. The future is open wide for him. I am very proud of the person he has become. Just because he is older doesn't mean that I will stop worrying about him. He will always be my baby, my child, my son! Happy Birthday Joe! I love you soooooo much!!!!!

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