Thursday, February 7, 2013


Hello out there in blog land.
Wow, it has been a while since my last post. Here's whats been going on.
I am still trying to figure out how to piece together the video that I made of a 6x6 flip flap album that I used the vintage distress technique on. ( I am truly not a tech savvy person, but I am always willing to try)
I started a new job in October and trying to balance home life and work, not to mention all the chores and pop-up suppersise that always seem to happen, has been a challenge for me. (especially for being a stay at home for most 13 years) I don't claim to be the most organized person and have everything figured out. I am a normal person who seems to have no energy at the end of the day. (Yes, I did think about trying the 5hour energy drinks but I am afraid of the side effect.... heart racing/palpitations) It seems that every weekend there is some event going on, plus the holidays seamed to race up on me (even though we have 364 days to prepare... lol) So if you have any tips/tricks on how to get back into the swing of things, please post in the comments section.

My Niece and brother-in law came up to go pumpkin picking. All though the farm was small, we had a good time! Katie Picked out the cutest lil pumpkins.

I just love how Katie is looking at Matthew in the photo below. She keeps him on his toes!!

This Thanksgiving I made my first Turkey. It turned out fantastic.... thanks to Food Network Magazine!!! That following weekend My family from Florida came up and we had our "Farks-Giving" Our family seems to have bad luck when it comes to vacations and weather and there is almost always some type of mishap so the in laws (my family) have nicknamed us the "Farkles".
Hence... Farks-Giving.

Decorating the house for Christmas took a while but not as long as taking it all down. I got everything down and into the basement (out of sight) the 3rd week of Jan. but it was finally organized and put away last week. We've had parties and events every weekend since Thanksgiving.

New Years Eve was a bit sad (not the sad that pulls at your hear strings but the sad in a way that means boring. I had to get up at 4 am the next morning (or that morning, depends on how you look at it, plus I am still trying to adjust to the whole getting myself together in the mornings again)
so I went to bed early while my hubby and youngest son stayed up. The Hubs fell asleep so my 12 yr old was watching the boob tube to see the ball fall by himself, poor baby)

Last month just flew by........not much to write about there, just a Winter Wonderland party.
Oh.... what am I saying...... January is the birthday month of both my boys. So For Joe, Who loooooves just about anything peanut butter, I made him a cake recipe that I came across on Pinterest.

Here is a link to the blog that has the recipe.....christys kitchen creations
My cake didn't look as nice as hers but It was still good. The only thing that I would do differently is buy chocolate cake mix, only because the cake itself was a little dry, but still good. Plus it will save soooo much time.
The youngest just wants to have a few friends over to "Hang out" For his birthday. (which we still need to set a date for that, these next few weeks are already booked up, but I will find the time to make it happen!)

That's what's been going on in a nut shell.
I hope all is well with you and yours!!!!

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