Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of School!

Tomorrow marks the first day of Matthew's 4th grade adventure. Joe's first day is Sep. 8th. I love the first day of school, but it also makes me sad as well. It makes the growth that they have gone through and the slightes of wings that they have started to grow in hopes of one day being able to fully extend those wings and fly, beautiful to watch.
Their journey of adventure and self growth is only really just begun but for me it has opened a world of many emotions and wonderful moments that will last a lifetime.
Joe's cacoon is starting to crack open as he embarks on his 10th grade endeavor. New and exciting things to see and learn, friends to explore this new world of "limited freedom" with in hopes to grasp and understand the ways of adult life. (even though most teenagers "know it all" lol)
They aren't the only ones that are going through the transitions of life. We as parents are learning to grow and spread our wings as well. It's hard to let go and not know if they will fall.
We as parents need to learn how to let go of the silk threads that hold them close and allow them to fall in order for them to be able to flutter their wings and fly. We never stop growing and learning. No matter how far they fly, the threads of love will keep our love for our children in our hearts forever, and they will always be our babies!

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