Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

With 2009 behind me, I plan on making the most of 2010! I will take nothing for granted and enjoy the little moments that make up everyday life! So often we get wrapped up in the humdrum of everyday life that we don't really see what is before our own eyes. The warmth of a child's smile and the sparkle in their eyes when they ask if we can play a board game with them or ask to build a house of cards. Instead of saying, "I am sorry honey, I have to get the house cleaned" or " I have work to do" I will put aside the chores and work, and play with the kids. They don't stay little forever and the time goes by faster than you realize when you are in the moment.
My wish for you all is to take the time and cherish each moment that you spend with the ones you care about! That is all that we really have, is the here and now. Nothing in life is really guaranteed and if we get caught up in the hum drum we could lose moments that we can never-ever get back, time spent and memories made with those we love and care about!

So I raise a toast to you all and wish nothing but Health and Happiness for the New Year!

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