Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hello everyone,

What exactly is Farks-giving you may ask? Well, the Wichert clan has a history of unfortunate misshapes. No matter what the situation is something almost always goes wrong. Whether it be a vacation planned in sunny Bahama's and it rains the whole time or having a tool chest delivered and receiving a level instead. So with all the misshapes the Wicherts are also known as the Farkles, (Much like the Griswolds from National Lampoon's Vacation series).

Because The Wichert children are away for Thanksgiving day, we celebrate it earlier and it has become knows as Farks-Giving.

This year we celebrated it on Nov. 13th. There was plenty of delishious food. Thanks to Gram Wichert. We played games and got to spend time with the family. Alomost everyone got their hair cut too. Katie had her bangs trimmed earlier that day and so did the boys before we left. Once at Gram's I cut everyone elses hair while the rest of the clan played pictionary.

Katie really enjoyed her "special drink". It wouldn't be Farks-Giving with out it. It's Cherries and 7-UP.
And what a nice picture to leave you with. Katie with a beautiful smile and Joe............ well, he's Joe. What can I say. ;-)

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