Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3x3 card Holder Tutorial!

I have worked on this "box/pocket book" for a teacher's gift and I thought that I would share it with you! If you have any questions about my directions, please feel free to email me.
(all materials used are from Close To My Heart)

Have fun!!

Step 1.
☺Cut a strip 3 ¼ “ x 9 ½” strip of cardstock. (Piece A)
☺Cut out two, 3” x 1 ½” strips from cardstock. (Piece B)
☺Cut out one, 8 1/4” x ¾” strip for Band (Piece H)
Step 2.
☺Score piece A at 3”, 3 ½”, 6 ¾”, and 7 ¼”.
☺Score Piece B at ½” and 1” along the 3” length.
☺Score Piece B again at ½” along the 1 ½” line (Blue score line)
☺Fold at score lines.

Piece B

Step 3.
☺Using the Coluzzle Oval, cut a “dip” in section “C” of Piece A. ( I cut at the 4th ring from the outside of the Coluzzle)

☺Using the Coluzzle Oval, cut another “hill” in Section “G”.
( I cut at the 2nd ring from the outside of the coluzzle)

Step 4.
☺On Piece B, Cut on the Red score line up to the Blue score line.
Creating 3 “flaps”


Step 1. ☺Using a strong adhesive, tape “flaps” together creating a “three sided column” .

Step 2.

☺Place tape on the bottom of the “column” and place the middle section facing the outside, (open end to the inside) along the outside edge of Section D. Press firmly to make sure it sticks. Do the same with the other column to the other side of Section D.

Step 3.
☺Place tape along the edge of the “columns” on the side facing Section C.
☺Carefully fold Section C onto the “columns”. Press firmly.
You will notice that the columns are larger than the) cut of section C. using your siccors, trim the column to conform to the opening.

Step 4.
☺Place tape along the other edge of the “columns” and carefully fold up Section E. You now have the sides to your Box/Pocketbook.

Step 5.
☺To hold the “flap” closed. You will use Piece H. Gently fold it around the box and adhere the ends together to form the band. (I recommend decorating the box first then decorate the band to match before folding it around the box)

● You can use eyelets at the top of the box and thread a 7” piece of ribbon and tape to the inside of the lid and cover it with a strip of paper to match the lid color to hide the ribbon ends.
● If you decide to do this. I suggest that you do it after Piece A has been scored.

Decorate however you wish!


  1. hey im just hopping around. nice cards there. should try it and give it to my girlfriend!!!

  2. Love those cards!with the adorable card holder-love that flower!
    Blessings to you! jolena