Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday!

Wow.... where has the time gone?
It seems just yesterday that there were 130 days until our Family Vacation and now there are just 7 days left. I am really excited about this vacation. It will be my niece Katie's first vacation. She is really moving around now! I miss my little Katie!! We will also be taking my 2 nieces from my side of the family as well. (It's their first time with all of us too. but they are in there teens!) I plan on taking tons of pictures.

Just a little story:
Matthew and I were talking a while back and I mentioned to him that Big & Rich were going to be in town. (the local country station does a free concert every year and they are going to be headlining) He didn't express that he wanted to go or anything. Well, just yesterday we were in the car and he asked if I got tickets to go. (it is tomorrow) I told him that we couldn't go because we are celebrating his poppy's Birthday and that we are going to be going over the details and menu for our Vacation next week. His face just sunk, and it broke my heart!! I think it broke my heart even more knowing that I could have gotten the tickets and we could have went. After a little sulking he said that he was OK. If I could only split myself in 2, I would do it for him in a heartbeat!! I know that he will forget all about the concert that he missed once we are on our way to Virginia Beach!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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  1. Awh! That is so sad. I'm sad that we aren't going too Matt!