Friday, February 25, 2011

Organization 1

Hello There,
Too many times I find myself in a rut and I don't know what I want to create. Then when I do figure it out I am left searching for the right products to use. You see, I have all kinds of inks and papers and other supplies from many different companies and when I want to work on something, I kinda get discouraged with the way I have everything spread out. So the other day I started to organize some of my embellishments by color the other day, not worrying about what company they are from. My thought is that it will help me find what I am looking for in the color family that I want. That is all fine and good and probably will work for me.
As I was doing this, I realized that I have other inks that I really like to use but seldom do, due to them hiding away in a drawer that I hardly ever go into. So I started to make a binder that would allow me to see the complete list of a particular product that a company makes. With this "list" I made a "chart" and left spaces so that I can fill them in with that particular product, a swatch if you will. Now I only made charts for the product lines that I have. As I build my stash, I will make swatch charts for them as well.
I also plan on making swatch charts with my embossing powders too. Who knows, flipping thought the book may inspire me.
Here is a close up photo and explanation of how this system will work:
CTMH Ink pads:
The space above is where I stamped an image in the color that is labeled below it. This allows me to see what the color will look like when it is completely dried and stops me from ordering another stamp pad in that color. The dot next to the name tells me that I have this color in a re-inker as well. So no need to re order. ;-) The bottom of each page tells you the company and what the product is.
The stamp used is from CTMH and is only available the month of June for it is the featured Stamp of the Month.

Here is what the pages look like:

I chose to do this with my stickles as well. The product looks sooo much different when it is out of the bottle. So now when I want to use them all I have to do is look at my swatches and pick out the best one for the project.

Within the binder there will be sections. Each section will be for something specific, Like ink pads, Markers, glimmer mists, paints, card stock and then I will have a separate binder for my Stamps.

This system is sure to help me find the right inks, paper or whatever I want for whatever I am creating.

I hope that this will help you get organized and keep you productive.


  1. You are my organization guru! Great idea!

  2. Oh, my, goodness! You amaze me and I am envious of the idea!!

    Are you willing to share your chart so others can print it and do the same?

  3. Ruth, I would love to share the files!!! I just don't know how to upload them so they can be downloaded. Any suggestions???