Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tile coasters

Last night I was playing around with some tiles that I had picked up a while back. I have been wanting to make coasters with them for use on the patio. I am also planning on making a tray with the tiles. I just need to get the tray and the grout. When I saw this stamp set from CTMH, I knew that this is what I wanted to use.
I also used various stamp sets for the sentiments and vines. Here are some photos of the tiles before the finishing touches.

As I finished stamping and coloring the tiles I thought to my self, "Hmmmm, It needs a little more." So what Do I do? I inked the edges of course!! If you know me, I ink the edges of everything, so why should this be any different? I think that it adds a little more depth to the tile and draws your eye to the images and makes them pop.

This is a porous surface and you do not need to seal the tile if you want them to be functional and "soak" up the "sweat" from the glass. The trick with using Stazon ink with Stazon Ink is to gently dab the color on. It will smear the other color if you rub because it will reactivate the previous Stazon ink that was applied. So I use a Q-tip to gently add the color. I also dabbed the color off the Q-tip some so that it wouldn't be so dark.
This is what they look like when I finished "edging" them with the ink.
All inks used are Stazon inks.
You can submerge your tiles into water and they will not smear or run! How cool is that?!
The only thing left to do now is to used some cork for the base so that it won't scratch any table surfaces. I just used what I had left over form a lo that I had made a few years back. I found that using felt eventually starts to pile and come apart. So my hopes are high for the cork. Thanks for taking a peak!!

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  1. I just found a pack of 32 self-adhesive cork circles at the dollar store. Of course, I bought four packs :) I am hoping to do a Workshop and make some of these tiles. I just did a test set, but they did not come out as cute as yours. I need to practice a bit more I think.