Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

So as you all know that Irene has been on the East Coast. The media has it hyped up and is scaring the young and elderly. I understand the need for Caution and preparedness, but if it were presented with more positivity than negativity I personally think that people would be more responsive. The media has desensitized the public with it's constant negativity.
So with that being said, We have all our important papers and medications ready along with tons of water to keep use going in case the water system is compromised along with none perishable foods if the electric goes out. I can't denie the dangers of a hurricane. They are fierce and extremely dangerous. I tell the kids that it'll be nothing by the time it reaches us so that they don't worry. My youngest wants to "hold out" in the basement because of all the windows in the house and is afraid that they will blow out. (Mind you we do live inland but the winds are still gonna be strong) By the time the eye of the storm is over us it will be around 2 am. I guess my biggest fear is flooding. What a mess that is to clean up. lol Plus all of my crafting stuff is in the basement. My main concern is keeping my youngest assured and calm and having the family safe. They are my everything! Family is the single most important thing to me in the whole world! With out them, I am empty!!
It's funny when my oldest tells me "it's fine" and "why are we getting this stuff together" Remember he is 17 and a worry wart so for him to be saying these things is pretty funny. I tell him that it is better to be prepared and have nothing major happen to not be prepared and have the worst happen. As my mom would say, " It's better to be safe than sorry!"

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