Monday, February 13, 2012

Eating Healthy???

This is such a big thing for me. I want to eat healthy, it's just hard for me to get there. I know that I am like many of you out there who have no clue as to where to start. All I can offer up is do some research.
I found this great website via Pinterest. Michelle is a very encouraging person who does care about your health. She has posted some of her favorite Healthy recipes. She is a fitness trainer with some awesome workouts!!  Here is the website:

I thought that I would be able to start her 8 week program, and when I attempted to do the warm up..... I got extremely winded and heart pounding. (I haven't done any real exercises in almost 8 years! Yes I have done walks and sporadic workouts every now and then. But I really want to get into the habit of doing it on a daily basis! What I am saying is that I want to be healthy and set a good example for my boys and husband!

So here I am pouring my guts out to you all about something that is hard for me to talk about. I am not proud of the way I eat (or lack of eating) or the way I exercise( or don't) but I want to change that and the first step is to admit it and talk about it.
So what I am going to do is start to blog about my daily eating/workout habits. This way I can be held accountable for my actions.. (even if no on reads my blogs.... I know it's out there and can't be taken back!)
Please feel free to comment or even join me in the quest for a healthier lifestyle and we can hold each other accountable!

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